2018-08-25 – Saturday. In my travels around – I was wondering – how far the American 1st Infantry Division’s location existed in 1943/4 before D-Day – besides the existing site of Canford Heath (the largest lowland heath in Dorset). The Division was of course also located at Swanage and around, directly across the bay from Bournemouth – and very many stories – which I have – that were were recorded and produced in two very small publication books, that were told by the GIs, the residents and evacuees that lived there – all had remarkable, good and nostalgic – very moving memories of their time there. In regards to their encampment as it were on Canford Heath – it did occur to me that parts of the heath might have extended further down towards the harbour in those days – where now there is a retail estate – and various housing estates. I noticed some woods – called Parkstone Heights Woods – I thought I would just have a look around there for whatever clues I could find – and as I was going around – I met a woman with her dog – I just mentioned a little about myself – and she said amazingly – right here where we are standing – was a lookout post in World War II – I took a photograph of it and I have placed the photo just above this description. There is not much left of it unfortunately. She added that just a little further was a very large crater where a German bomber had crash landed and exploded with enormous force – she was told this by family members I believe. I was unable to locate that particular area at the time. *If anyone has any further information, I would be interested – maybe the lady concerned will see this – because I did give her my card with the Easy-Jeep website on it. Whether she will look at it or not is another matter.

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