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US troops – Weymouth seafront

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DORSET is just west of central South England – it played a very major role in the preparations for D-Day – with the main embarkation points on June 6, 1944 from Poole in Dorset and also Portland & Weymouth (contiguous with each other) – these being the 2 main embarkation points.

Bournemouth International Airport was originally purpose built in World War II for purposes of defence. Radar at the small village of Worth Matravers (where key developments in radar took place) – high up on the coast, 2 miles from Swanage – would alert the Spitfires and other aircraft to incoming intruders – and of the many airfields around for these and other purposes – this airport – Hurn airport which is its original name – provided a valuable highly efficient, and what was for that time a modern concrete runway.

Bournemouth is linked as a unitary authority with Poole and Christchurch, and this is by far the largest population grouping in the county (around half the population of Dorset as a whole) – with the rest of the county as the other unitary authority – the county town historically, and to this day remains as Dorchester.

Bournemouth is where very considerably more than 2,000,000 troops were registered in World War II in the preparations for D-Day – mainly in one five-star hotel as it was then, and another hotel not far away.

You will find fairly regular posts of varying everyday general interest in the section ‘Dorset Journal’

… such as WWII military vehicles that occasionally park up at Viewpoint on a Sunday – Viewpoint overlooks Poole Harbour (where a vast array of D-Day assault landing craft left from) – also old pictures of Dorset early 1940s – photos and videos taken in 2018 of The 29th Infantry Division re-enactment – such as Medical and Radio tents and so on… .

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April 4, 2019



*Viewpoint – overlooking Poole Harbour – is where I often go on a Sunday around 2 PM.
If you want to chat about anything – this is a good place in which to do it.


My interest first began regarding D-Day Dorset – after hearing true stories related to me about the trauma that some soldiers had experienced at that time – who had left from the coast of Dorset.

This led me to discovering further the absolutely phenomenal – almost unbelievable story that it all was – and what an amazing role – and in a number of areas a central role – that Dorset undertook.

This will be seen in my further writings.

*As indicated above – on some Sundays – I can be seen with my grey Jeep Wrangler around 2 PM or later at Viewpoint – in Poole – which of course overlooks the historic Poole Harbour – with its Brownsea Island – and where vast numbers of craft and assault craft (Landing Craft Assault) – left in the early hours of Tuesday, June 6, 1944 – to land on the beaches of Normandy.

Any stories that you have of those you knew – that took part – will be very welcome. As well as stories generally relating to Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth and other areas of Dorset during World War II.

My Jeep Wrangler is easy to spot – is a grey two-door version – with Easy Jeep written on the bonnet – and also D-Day-Dorset on the front and back – which is clearly visible.


 There were of course absolutely vast preparations for D-Day in the UK as a whole. But this website’s focus is on D-Day in Dorset – with the date of D-Day being Tuesday, June 6, 1944.
This story will also be covering the whole period from September 3, 1939 to May 8, 1945 – which were the dates of the start and finish of World War II in Europe. There have been a vast number of stories, books, videos and films – of this period, of course.

I hope – in this presentation – to present some different angles – and information that has never been ‘out there’ before – information that was personal, or just not communicated for whatever reason. And there were very many reasons for this. All confidentially will be kept where it was required.

So for this story – some of this will be taken from my own perspectives in constructing a particular picture – drawn from what I have read and from the numerous personal stories I have been told. I have been privileged to hear stories and to view journals from that time – provided for me by a number of people – who were in some way or other directly involved, or their relatives were directly involved in the happenings of World War II Dorset. I have received and heard invaluable stories from relatives – whose families made major contributions in multiple ways – regarding the development of radar – and other communication systems – in World War II Dorset, including the preparations for D-Day and the landings at Gold, Sword , Juno, Utah & Omaha Beach. Stories have come from people who lived directly around Poole Harbour – the scene of much activity. Stories have also come from outside of the UK and of course from Dorset e.g. the ports, towns and areas of Bournemouth, Poole, Canford Heath, Wareham, Weymouth, Portland, Lyme Regis and many other places.

I’m asking for people urgently


this is whether you are from Dorset or elsewhere in the UK – or people from abroad such as the USA and Canada, etc. – whose relatives partook in this epic struggle.

Because of the time that has elapsed, these will now be the children of those served that have the stories.
Some have come over from the USA to see where their parents & relatives were billeted – where they worked as they partook in this epic struggle.

*I have helped where I can with information and locations.

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No piece of information is too small – even just a comment about a ration book – it all contributes to the picture – and we need this information before it is lost forever.

I am not publishing the names of the the various people in any of the stories or the names of those that have supplied me with information on true stories – and where names might be given for the purpose of the story – they will be pseudonyms. In some cases – I have been told stories by the children of those whose stories have already been published – and published such as in book form – but their children having added to them in the communications with myself. Some of the stories – because they are already well-known people – information has been added since – will with permission have their names listed.

Those that want me to – I can put them in a reference list – which will not be on the website, and will not be available to visitors to the site.
Those that don’t want to be on a reference list – will not be listed.

Those that give me information – will be asked if they want to be contacted via myself in regards to any matter of the story – if they do – I can forward on communications to them.

As I think many people will realise who have been looking into this period – there is an absolutely vast amount of information to be read and seen – about what really happened. What I gather from looking into this – is that the details are almost endless – *yet still so many stories are not known – have never been heard before – this is also something I have found out.

This is partly because of the extreme level of secrecy that was operating during that time. A level of secrecy – that will take one by surprise when one looks into it. So secret – that some things have only recently been found out – that were in fact major factors of the war.

And also partly – that people’s personal experiences – were just as it says – they were personal – and only they knew about them – or the relatives that they told – or where it was noted in journals that a few made.

Many thanks – John Jolliffe – MA, MBC-PG Dip. (UKCP – retired 2014)

As a co-founder of a residential therapeutic community in London – I was an organiser member of the Association of Therapeutic Communities, UK.

I also studied and learnt from RD Laing, who was originally an army psychiatrist. He later developed radical alternative communities for treating disturbance and trauma in the 1960s – about which recently there has been a film made starring David Tennant – and later – these communities that he inspired rapidly progressed in sophistication from these initial experiential experiments.


(In the latter half of my life – my personal background was in working full-time as a registered contemporary analyst for 25 years – this included working with people who had suffered from serious traumas of various sorts. Some of these were military related. Thus I have had a particular interest in following the personal struggles of individuals and families – from an existential, and yet also spiritual perspective – with a focus on the significant and underlying issues regarding their various situations and conditions).


*I have an account with ‘The Forces War Records’.