Development of radar in Worth Matravers – developers & personnel living in Swanage.

This is some of the story – of the development of radar – and a period of time where this took place – much of it at Worth Matravers and its surrounds, near Swanage.

It is agreed by basically all – that some of the most significant developments in radar – were developed at Worth Matravers, 2 miles from Swanage. But after 2 years of phenomenal, frantic and desperately urgent work – it was believed unsafe to stay there any longer – with the Germans well-established on the coast of Northern France. It was especially feared at this time that there could be raids – radar equipment captured – as well as bombings – and this caused an urgent need to move back from the coast to a safer and far less obvious area. Thus the whole elaborate TRE establishment – with so very many of the best young scientists fresh from universities (alongside older and very experienced scientists) at Worth Matravers and the surrounding areas – felt that they had no other choice in terms of security – but to move from the absolutely beautiful, idyllic small town on the coast, and from the surrounding areas of this town. It was decided that the whole intricate, elaborate – by then immensely complex establishment – should move to Malvern in Worcestershire, England.

Later of course – this idyllic area of Swanage and its surrounds – would be visited by the 26th Regiment of the US 1st Infantry Division – who had come over from fierce fighting in North Africa, and then Sicily – arriving in November 1943 – battle hardened and being prepared for their next destination – completely unknown to them at the time of course – that of The Normandy Landings.

I will be going into this – in extensive detail – focusing especially upon the times in Swanage, and the surrounding areas in Dorset, in the next upcoming website.

If one visits Swanage today (which many did in years past – since the war – from The American 1st Infantry Division, including the children of those troops who were once there) – it is just such a peaceful calm and idyllic place with beautiful high rolling hills, and from where one can look over a vast panoramic area of the English Channel. The peacefulness and natural beauty are such that one could never imagine – that this was once in effect, a vast military base – right across the county – with a purpose so great – that of the liberation of Europe from tyranny.